app-sso(1)                   General Commands Manual                  app-sso(1)

     app-sso – A tool used to control and get information about the Kerberos SSO

     app-sso [command]

                   -a, --authenticate REALM [options ...]
                         -u, --username USERNAME
                         -f, --force
                         -q, --quiet
                   -d, --logout REALM
                   -c, --changepassword REALM
                   -l, --listrealms
                   -i, --realminfo REALM
                         -v, --verbose
                   -i, --sitecode REALM
                         -v, --verbose
                   -r, --reset REALM
                   -k, --keychainoption REALM
                   -j, --json REALM
                   -h, --help REALM

     app-sso is used to control and get information about the Kerberos Single
     Sign-on (SSO) extension via the command line. The Kerberos SSO extension
     simplifies using Kerberos authentication with an Active Directory based
     Kerberos realm. It also allows the user to use Active Directory specific
     functions such as password changes and password expiration notifications.

     Note that app-sso cannot be used to completely configure the Kerberos SSO
     extension. Configuring the Kerberos SSO extension requires a user approved
     MDM enrollment, as well as an MDM solution that can build and deliver an
     appropriately configured Extensible SSO configuration profile payload. See
     your MDM vendor's documentation for additional information.

     -a, --authenticate REALM
              Display the login dialog for the specified realm, or if the user
              has already configured the Kerberos SSO extension, acquire a new
              credential. Returns success upon acquiring a new credential or if
              the user already has a valid credential.

              -u, --username
                       The username for authentication. The user will not be
                       able to change this username on the login screen.

              -f, --force
                       Display the login screen even if the user is already

              -q, --quiet
                       Suppress the information that is normally printed after

     -d, --logout REALM
              Logs out any user logged into the specified realm.

     -c, --changepassword REALM
              Displays the "Change Password" dialog for the specified realm.

     -l, --listrealms
              Prints the list of configured realms.

     -i, --realminfo REALM
              Print information about the currently configured realm. This
              includes information such as the current site code, network home
              directory and date the user's password expires.

              -v, --verbose
                       Print the complete site code cache in the results.

     -s, --sitecode REALM
              Perform a site lookup for the specified realm.

              -v, --verbose
                       Print the complete site code cache in the results.

     -r, --reset [REALM]
              Reset the cache for the specified realm. If a realm isn't
              specified, reset caches for all realms.

     -k, --keychainoption REALM
              Resets the "login automatically" option for the specified realm.

     -p, --proceedusersetup REALM
              Allow user setup to proceed if you are using "delayUserSetup" in
              your configuration profile.

     -t, --sharedsettings REALM
              Prints the kerberos settings that are shared with other processes
              for the specified realm. For diagnostic purposes only, not
              intended for scripting.

     -j, --json
              Format the output of this command as JSON instead of property list

     -h, --help
              Print a synopsis of the above document.

     Print infomation about the PRETENDCO.COM realm:
              app-sso -i PRETENDCO.COM

     Authenticate to the PRETENDCO.COM realm as jappleseed:
              app-sso -a PRETENDCO.COM -u jappleseed

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