avbutil(1)                   General Commands Manual                  avbutil(1)

     avbutil – manage AVB features and settings.


     The avbutil executable is used for the managment AVB features and settings.

     The following options are available:

     --virtual-audio enable | disable | list [if-name]
         Enable or disable the virtual audio entity on the specified interface,
         or list the set of interfaces with a virtual audio entity enabled.  An
         interface must be present and enabled for AVB use to enable the virtual
         audio entity on that interface. A virtual audio entity can always be
         removed from an interface regardless of if the interface is present or

     --controller [launch | enable | disable]
         Launch, enable or disable the general AVDECC Controller. Passing no
         arguments is the equivalent of passing enable and then passing launch.
         The general AVDECC Controller is part of the AVB Audio Configuration
         utility that lives in the system CoreServices directory. For the
         functionality to be available it must be enabled. It can be hidden
         again by using the disable command. The launch command is provided as a
         convenience for not having to find the application.

     --acquire-mode enable | disable | status
         Enable, disable or check the current status of the acquire mode AVB
         audio controller, that is the controller that provides the
         functionality of the acquire checkboxes in the Network Device Browser
         window of the Audio MIDI Setup application.

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