BRCTL(1)                     General Commands Manual                    BRCTL(1)

     brctl – Manage the CloudDocs daemon

     brctl ⟨command⟩ [command-options and arguments]

     brctl understands the following commands:

     diagnose [options] [⟨diagnosis-output-path⟩]
         diagnose and collect logs

         -M,--collect-mobile-documents[=<container>]  (default: all containers)
         -s,--sysdiagnose     Do not collect what's already part of sysdiagnose
         -n,--name=<name>     Change the device name
                              Specifies the output path of the diagnosis; -n
     becomes useless.

     download ⟨path⟩
         download a local copy of the document at this path

     evict ⟨path⟩
         evict the local copy of the document at this path

     log [options] [⟨command⟩]

                              turn on or off color use
         -d,--path=<logs-dir> use <logs-dir> instead of default
         -H,--home=<home-dir> use this as the ~ prefix, to look for ~/L/
                              only show lines matching predicate
                              turn on or off multiple line logging
         -n=<number>          number of initial lines to display
         -p,--page            use paging
         -w,--wait            wait for new logs continuously (syslog -w)
         -t,--shorten         Shorten UUIDs, paths, etc
         -s,--digest          Only print digest logs

     dump [options] [⟨container⟩]
         dump the CloudDocs database

                              redirect output to <file-path>
                              Use the database at <db-path>
         [<container>]        the container to be dumped

     monitor [options] ⟨container⟩
         use NSMetadataQuery to monitor the container

                              restrict the NSMDQ scope to DOCS, DATA, or BOTH

     versions [options] ⟨path⟩ [ALL|etags...]
         list the non-local versions of the document at this path.

         -a,--all             List all non-local versions including those that
                              are locally cached


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