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COMPRESSION_TOOL(1)                                        COMPRESSION_TOOL(1)

       compression_tool - encode/decode files using the Compression library

       compression_tool   -encode   |  -decode  [-a algorithm]  [-A algorithm]
       [-i input_file] [-o output_file] [-v] [-h]

       compression_tool encodes (compresses), or decodes (uncompresses)  files
       using the Compression library.

              Encode (compress) the input

              Decode (uncompress) the input

       -a algorithm
              Set  the  compression  algorithm,  valid options are zlib, lzma,
              lzfse, lz4, lz4_raw.  Default is lzfse.
              - zlib      raw DEFLATE payload, as defined in  IETF  RFC  1951,
              encoder is zlib level 5,
              -  lzma      LZMA2  payload  inside  a  XZ container, encoder is
              LZMA2 preset 6,
              -  lz4       raw  LZ4  payload  inside  a  simple  frame  format
              (described in compression.h),
              - lz4_raw   raw LZ4 payload,
              - lzfse     LZFSE payload.

       -A algorithm
              Enable  block  compression, and set compression algorithm, valid
              options are zlib, lzma, lzfse, lz4.  Default is lzfse.

       -b block_size
              Set block size for block compression.  The integer value can  be
              followed by m or k or b.

       -t thread_count
              Set  the  number  of  worker  threads  to use for block compres-
              sion/decompression.  Default is the number of logical threads on
              the machine.

       -i input_file
              Input file. If omitted, read from standard input.

       -o output_file
              Output file. If omitted, write to standard output.

       -v     Increase verbosity. Default is silent operation.

       -h     Print usage and exit.

       The  file  starts with a 4-byte header 'p','b','z',<algo>, where <algo>
       indicates the algorithm used to compress data.  The header is  followed
       by the 64-bit block size in bytes.  Then for each block, we have 64-bit
       uncompressed size (will batch the block size, except possibly  for  the
       last  block),  64-bit  compressed size, and the compressed payload.  If
       both uncompressed and compressed sizes for a block are equal, the  pay-
       load  is stored uncompressed.  All 64-bit values are stored big-endian.
       Valid values for <algo> are: 'z' for zlib, 'x' for lzma, '4'  for  lz4,
       and 'e' for lzfse.