CTF_INSERT(1)                General Commands Manual               CTF_INSERT(1)

       ctf_insert - insert Compact C Type Format data into a mach_kernel file

       ctf_insert input [ -arch arch file ]... -o output

       ctf_insert inserts CTF (Compact C Type Format) data into a mach_kernel
       binary, storing the data in a newly created (__CTF,__ctf) section. This
       section must not be present in the input file.  ctf_insert(1) must be
       passed one -arch argument for each architecture in a universal file, or
       exactly one -arch for a thin file.

       input  specifies the input mach_kernel.

       -o output
              specifies the output file.

       -arch arch file
              specifies a file of CTF data to be used for the specified arch in
              a Mach-O or universal file. The file's content will be stored in a
              newly created (__CTF,__ctf) section.

       otool(1), segedit(1).

Apple, Inc.                       June 23, 2020                    CTF_INSERT(1)