dyld_info(1)                 General Commands Manual                dyld_info(1)

     dyld_info – Displays information used by dyld in programs and dylibs

     dyld_info [-arch arch-name] [-platform] [-segments] [-dependents] [-inits]
               [-exports] [-imports] [-objc] [-fixups] [-fixup_chains]
               [-fixup_chain_details] [-symbolic_fixups] [-validate_only]

     The dyld_info tool will display information that dyld uses from binaries.
     It supports fixups information encoded as opcode based or as chained

     If the tool is run with no options, it defaults to the common options
     (-platform -segments -dependents).

     The tool can be run with paths to dylibs that are in the dyld cache and not
     on disk.

     The options are as follows:

     -arch arch
             Only display the specified architecture.  Other architectures in a
             universal image are ignored.

             Display the platform (e.g. macOS, iOS) that the binary was built

             Display all segments and sections with size info.

             Display all dylibs that the binary is linked against.

     -inits  Display all static initializers and Objective-C +load methods.

             Display all exported symbols.

             Display all imported symbols.

     -objc   Display the Objective-C classes and categories defined.

             Display a simple table of fixup locations and what dyld will set
             them to.

             If the binary uses chained fixups, displays the format of the
             chains and the starts.

             Display a table of all the raw fixup chain bits and their meanings.

             Display all fixups, grouped by data symbol.

             Display nothing if binary is valid, or information about what parts
             are malformed.

     otool(1) nm(1)

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