layerutil(1)                 General Commands Manual                layerutil(1)

     layerutil create compiled layered image stack

     layerutil [-Vlhogspf] inputfile

     Creates a compiled layered image stack (lcr) file from a layered input file
     source, such as an lsr or suitably structured Photoshop (psd) file. If the
     psd file's basename ends with @Yx Y will be treated as the scale factor of
     the psd file. If gpu compression is not specified then lossy compression is

     The following options are available:

     -c                Convert to lcr format.

     -f s, --flattened-image
                       Saves the flattened image as a jpeg to the output path
                       given by the -o flag.  if the output filename doesn't end
                       with .jpeg or .jpg then the file extension that was given
                       will be removed and jpeg will get added. If the file that
                       gets written out is a JPEG image, the resulting image
                       will be compressed with the default compression options.

     -g s, --gpu-compression=s
                       Sets program to use gpu optimized compression. You can
                       choose either best or smallest. GPU Compression is only
                       supported on iOS 10.0/AppleTV 10.0 or greater.

     -l n, --lossy-compression=n
                       Set the lossy compression factor used for image content
                       to a value between 0 and 1.0, default is 0.75. The
                       smaller the value, the smaller the compressed file size.
                       A value of 1.0 creates a lossless image.

     -s n, --scale=v   Used to specify the scale factor used in the generated
                       lcr file. When used with a PSD file it indicates the
                       scale factor of the PSD file. When used with an LSR file
                       indicates which scale factor of images should be kept. If
                       scale is not specified 1 is assumed.

     -p n, --display-gamut=v
                       v can be one of srgb/p3. Selecting p3 processes the image
                       and if it contains wide gamut data will be treated as

     -g s, --palette-image
                       Turn on palette image compression (Defaults to off).

     -o, --output      Output file name. If you are converting an input lsr/psd
                       file then if no output file is given, the basename of the
                       input file is used as the output file name with an
                       appended .lcr extension. unless you are

     -h, --help        Prints out usage information.

     -V, --version     Prints out version information.

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