LOCALE(1)                    General Commands Manual                   LOCALE(1)

     locale – display locale settings

     locale [-a|m]
     locale [-ck] name [...]

     locale displays information about the current locale, or a list of all
     available locales.

     When locale is run with no arguments, it will display the current source of
     each locale category.

     When locale is given the name of a category, it acts as if it had been
     given each keyword in that category.  For each keyword it is given, the
     current value is displayed.

     -a       Lists all public locales.

     -c name ...
              Lists the category name before each keyword, unless it is the same
              category as the previously displayed keyword.

     -k name ...
              Displays the name of each keyword prior to its value.

     -m       Lists all available public charmaps.  Darwin locales do not
              support charmaps, so list all CODESETs instead.

     The following operand is supported:

     name is the name of a keyword or category to display.  A list of all
     keywords and categories can be shown with the following command:

     locale -ck LC_ALL

     LANG         Used as a substitute for any unset LC_* variable.  If LANG is
                  unset, it will act as if set to "C".  If any of LANG or LC_*
                  are set to invalid values, locale acts as if they are all

     LC_ALL       Will override the setting of all other LC_* variables.

     LC_COLLATE   Sets the locale for the LC_COLLATE category.

     LC_CTYPE     Sets the locale for the LC_CTYPE category.

     LC_MESSAGES  Sets the locale for the LC_MESSAGES category.

     LC_MONETARY  Sets the locale for the LC_MONETARY category.

     LC_NUMERIC   Sets the locale for the LC_NUMERIC category.

     LC_TIME      Sets the locale for the LC_TIME category.

     localedef(1), localeconv(3), nl_langinfo(3), setlocale(3)

     The locale utility conforms to IEEE Std 1003.1-2001 (``POSIX.1'').

     locale appeared in Mac OS X 10.4

Darwin                           August 27, 2004                          Darwin