mcxrefresh(1)                General Commands Manual               mcxrefresh(1)

     mcxrefresh – Managed Client (MCX) preference refresh tool

     mcxrefresh [-u uid] [-n username] [-a]

     mcxrefresh is a utility to force the client to re-read the managed
     preferences on the server for a user.   This tool must be run with elevated
     privileges.  Note that this may return a zero status if the user could not
     be found but there were computer settings available.  You must use the -a
     parameter to enter a password if you are requesting a refresh of an Active
     Directory server.

     -u  Specify the numeric user id of the user to be refreshed.   A user id of
         zero can be used to refresh the client at the login window.

     -n  Specify the short name of the user to be refreshed.

     -a  Ask for authentication and pass it to ManagedClient.

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