networkQuality(8)            System Manager's Manual           networkQuality(8)

     networkQuality – Network quality testing tool

     networkQuality [-chsv] [-I interface]

     networkQuality allows for measuring the different aspects of Network
     Quality, including:

     Maximal capacity (often described as speed)

     The responsiveness of the connection. Responsiveness measures the quality
     of your network by the number of roundtrips completed per minute (RPM)
     under working conditions. See

     Other aspects of the connection that affect the quality of experience.

     NOTE: This tool will connect to the Internet to perform its tests. This
     will use data on your Internet service plan.

     The following options are available:

     -C       Use custom configuration URL.

     -c       Produce computer-readable output

     -h       Show help

     -I interface
              Bind test to interface (e.g., en0, pdp_ip0,...)

              If not specified, the default interface will be used.

     -s       Run tests sequentially instead of parallel upload/download

     -v       Verbose output

     ping(8), traceroute(8)

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