psm(1)                       General Commands Manual                      psm(1)

     psm – Command line interface to Apple Silicon password slot manager

     psm [verb] [-dsv]

     A simple command line interface which lets you check the status of slots,
     and remove any orphaned slots. Slots are automatically allocated on a first
     come first serve bases, and this tool allows you to see which users are
     currently being protected by a specific slot.  To free up a slot you may
     need to delete an existing user from the system that is currently enrolled;
     thus allowing the next password change to enroll into Apple Silicon
     password slot manager.

     By default psm will execute the command supplied and report if anything
     went wrong.

     Here is a complete list of the options available:

     -d disk3s5
              specify a disk to operate on <disk3s5>

     -s #     specify a specifc slot number

     -v       will make psm more verbose.

     status     Displays status for all currently enrolled slots

     remove     Allows you to remove a specific slot

     passwd(1) diskutil(8) fdesetup(8)

     psm was first introduced in Mac OS X version 11.

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