AGENTXTRAP(1)                       Net-SNMP                       AGENTXTRAP(1)

       agentxtrap - send an AgentX NotifyPDU to an AgentX master agent

       agentxtrap [OPTIONS] trap-oid [OID TYPE VALUE...]

       agentxtrap issues an AgentX NotifyPDU to a master agent. One or more
       object identifiers (OIDs) can be given as arguments on the command line.
       A type and a value must accompany each object identifier.  Each variable
       name is given in the format specified in variables(5).

       -c contextName
             if the -c option is present then the notification is sent in the
             nondefault name context.
       -U uptime
             if the -U option is present then that value, parsed as
             centiseconds, is taken to be the sysUpTime field of the
       -x ADDRESS
             if the -x option is present then contact the AgentX master at
             ADDRESS and not the default one.

       Additionally all the options described in snmpcmd(1) under the MIB
       PARSING OPTIONS, LOGGING OPTIONS and INPUT OPTIONS headers as well as the
       -d, -D, -m and -M options are supported.

       In OID TYPE VALUE the parsing of the VALUE field is controlled by the
       TYPE field. The possible values for the TYPE field is one of the
       following characters:
              =  Let OID decide how VALUE should be interpreted
              i  INTEGER
              u  Unsigned
              c  Counter32
              s  OCTET STRING of chaacters
              x  OCTET STRING, entered as a sequence of optionally space
                 separated hexadecimal digit pairs
              d  OCTET STRING, entered as a sequence of space separated decimal
                 digits in the range 0 - 255
              n  NULL
              o  OBJECT IDENTIFIER
              t  TimeTicks
              a  IpAddress
              b  BITS
       which are handled in the same way as the snmpset command.

       To send a generic linkUp trap to the manager for interface 1 the
       following command can be used:

       agentxtrap netSnmp.0.3 ifindex.1 i 1

       snmpcmd(1), snmpset(1), variables(5), RFC 2741

V5.6.2.1                           20 Dec 2009                     AGENTXTRAP(1)