PAGESTUFF(1)                 General Commands Manual                PAGESTUFF(1)

       pagestuff - Mach-O file page analysis tool

       pagestuff file [-arch arch_flag] [[-a] [-p] | [pagenumber...]]

       pagestuff shows how a structure of a Mach-O or universal file corresponds
       to logical pages on the current system. Structural information includes
       the location and extent of file headers, sections and segments, symbol
       tables, code signatures, etc. When displaying a universal file, all
       architectures will be shown unless otherwise specified by the -arch flag.

       The options to pagestuff(1) are:

       -arch arch_type
              Specifies the architecture, arch_type, of the file for pagestuff
              to operate on when the file is a universal file.  (See arch(3) for
              the currently known arch_types.)  When this option is used the
              logical page numbers start from the beginning of the architecture
              file within the universal file.

       -pagesize pagesize
              Specifies the page size to use when computing logical page
              boundaries. By default pagestuff will use the page size of the
              current system.

       -a     Display all pages in the file.

       -p     Print a list of the sections of the specified file, offsets and
              lengths.  When displaying a universal file, all archs will be
              displayed unless Print a list of the sections of the specified
              Mach-O file, with offsets and lengths. Note that the size(1) tool
              displays a much more concise listing given the `-l -m -x'

       size(1), arch(3), Mach-O(5).

Apple, Inc.                       June 23, 2020                     PAGESTUFF(1)